It Could Be Better : The Journey

It Could Be Better

by Ezell Cook Jr. on 10/21/11

So you think your life is going pretty well eh? You think you have it going on and you know exactly what you are doing. Do you feel like you are accomplishing everything you desire and you have confidence you will reach all your goals as time goes on? Well that is great, but tell me something. Does that mean that you could not do things better? Does that mean that there is nothing in your life that you could improve?

This question sent me deeper into self improvement and development. You see I was the guy above who had it all. I had a great job. I bought expensive sports cars like porsche, jaguar and large SUV’s including an H2 Hummer. I took cool vacations to exotic locations. If I didn’t travel on my own, my prestigious job as an International Service Manager afforded me the opportunity to visit and work abroad on the company’s dime. I was content spiritually, had a great social life and hung out with what I consider to be some of the most beautiful souls on the planet; but even living such a charmed life, could I honestly say that things could not be any better? Of course I could not. How big a snob or fool would I be, to think that my life could not be improved? Sure I paid my dues to feel this great about life and it was not all a bed of roses, but I took my lumps well. I learned from my mistakes and I was on top of the world, but of course things could always be better. So guess what, I consented to spending some quality time with some top of the line coaches and my life transformed. These coaches gave me different perspectives and action problem solving skills. They gave me or I should say helped me realize a courageousness I never knew I had; however all these tools come at a price.

I learned that I could never settle for mediocrity again and that I must always hold myself accountable for my own situations in life. Take responsibility and understand everything “I do, I become or I have” is in my hands. There are no more scapegoats, no more excuses, no more cant’s - just proper thoughts and actions. No more random occurrences, no more accidents, no more acts of fate, just me being responsible for making it happen. It is just me, creating my world.

Sound formidable? Well, for anyone who chooses this for their life it is not too tough, once you understand and accept the philosophy! The challenging part is finding friends that live by similar principles so that you can support each other in your new found resolve. While you transform your life it may  break your heart to watch your loved ones struggle because they don’t quite understand.

These concepts can rarely just be read and comprehended, they must be experienced! This calls for a dedication that most would choose not to endure, but I believe that for the few on the cusp of creating a life transformation, immersion into personal development is the key. We were given the power to create. It is up to us to learn how to use this power. Fear not change, but avoid complacency. Could your life be any better?

Peace be with you, Coach Ezell



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