Thank you so much Ezell! You are a master of abundance and contribution and I am so honored to have had you in my seminar. You are my True Blue (Greater Omnipresent Domain) G.O.D. posse! So excited to see where this journey is taking you and all who cross your path!! Do it your way, change the world, and have a ball......I know you already are!!!! 
Juliette M.

"I feel more spiritually connected, confident and calmer. I can lift more weights while my flexibility has increased. 
Over the past year I lost over 50 pounds and enjoyed doing so. Ezell you have been the missing link to me finding happiness."
Dana J. PhD.
Palm Springs

"I have known Coach Ezel since 2005. His spirit has always been peaceful, balanced and giving. He is a conscientious, loving and caring soul who practices as well as continues to learn about the holistic healing arts. Anyone needing help to move them towards reaching a goal or their passion has come to the right place. Coach Ezell is the person to assist you in getting there. At times when I have been in low spirits, I have reached to Ezell to get a dose of his positive, loving energy. Thank you for always caring and your love."
Maria M.
Laguna Niguel, CA

“I used to run marathons but afters years of training I was left with pain in my hips. Coach Ezell listened to my words and my energy and now I'm pain free. I'm sending you more clients for sure!" 
Adela M.
South Gate, CA 

“I feel a release after our sessions. I am calmer and I get relief from my insomnia. You are caring, non judgmental  and  a great listener. I feel Blessed that you are in my life. "
Monica E.
Van Nuys, CA 

​"Ezell is one of the most caring and positive people that I have had the pleasure of knowing. He has gifted hands and an open spirit. The experience he creates is not one you will soon forget."
Miriam I.
Torrance, CA       

“I was so concerned when my husband and I could not conceive, I thank you for giving me hope and more actions that I could take to complete my vision of having children. Living in Bliss with the twins. Thank You for all you do!"
Emily G.
Long Beach, CA 

Ezel taught me how to forgive my betrayals and focus my energy on what I could change not linger on what I could not. His teaching turned my life in a different direction and I have never looked back. Thank you Ezel for your loving support and guidance I hope everyone takes advantage of your knowledge and experience.  
LeAnn H.
Culver City, CA  
*Areas near Southbay or Orange County in person*
Any where else by Phone
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