(Sifu)Ezell Cook Jr. C.C. a Certified Life Coach, a graduate of Dahn Healer School and a black belt in Kung Fu, enhanced his personal and professional career in the computer industry, by incorporating a vision that his true purpose was to help people transform their lives.  As  a world traveler, graduate of the NCO Leadership School, graduate of many  self improvement programs and a recipient of the Air Force Meritorious Service Medal, Coach Ezell has the life experiences, the desire and the compassion to help you reach your goals.  Don 't just  conceive it - achieve it! 

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"Before my feet hit the floor one morning I was touched
                   I now reach for you

       Trying to run away from ones dreams 
         Is like denying your own existence
          No matter how much you protest
               Or how far you journey
                     There You Are"   

  By Ezell Cook Jr. C.C.
*Areas near Southbay or Orange County in person*
Any where else by Phone
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